Connected Distance Beaded Bracelet

Metal Color

A couple that diffuses together, stays together!

If you have some major couple goals, there’s nothing cuter than “his” and “hers” stuff. While some may have towels, watches, and robes, chances are, you don’t have these essential oil diffuser bracelets! The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or simply just because; you and yours will not only look cool and cute while wearing them, but you’ll smell great too!


Bracelet Meaning:

 We created the "Distance bracelets" to allow those apart, to feel connected.  Distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but no matter who and where they are, let your mom, daughter, sister, friend, or anyone know you have a piece of them with you at all times.  You will receive two bracelets.  One bracelet is all white with a single black bead, and the other is all black with a single white bead.  Each of you will wear one of them with a piece of each other always with you

You will receive:

- 1 white bracelet with one colored bead

- 1 colored bracelet with one white bead

One size fits all - bracelet size is about 6 - 6.5 inches

Beads are 8mm in size, strung together with strong elastic

Both distance bracelets come in a black velvet jewelry bag

Healing Properties:

Lava stone brings calmness and stability while going through changes in your life. White howlite is also a calming stone. It helps to relieve stress and muscle tension and can help to ease insomnia.


In order to use the essential oil diffuser bracelet, put a few drops of your favorite oil on the lava balls. Lavender is ideal if you want to remain calm and chill, while grapefruit or peppermint oil will help you both put that extra pep in your step.

Because the lava stones on your bracelet are not only beautiful but porous; they quickly absorb the essential oils and help you enjoy the scent all day long.

Each bracelet is stretchy, so it fits wrists of all shapes and sizes. There’s no fumbling around with clasps or adjusting it to fit your wrist perfectly. All you need to do is diffuse and enjoy it.

While it’s fun to wear matching scents, you can also use essential oils that complement each other and that won’t overwhelm you will aromas. Depending on your mood and energy level, you and your partner will not only be like peas in a pod, but you’ll smell like a winning duo too!