How To Choose Mala Beads

Selecting Mala Beads

The 3 sections in this article highlight the most common ways to select the perfect mala for yourself or a gift recipient. The mala you choose will become what you make of it by using it during your meditations, praying with it, using it for worry beads, or wearing it for other personal reasons.

Our malas are made of a variety of natural gemstone or wood beads which are unique with varying energy properties, color, pattern, and personal significance. The first question to ask yourself is what the purpose a mala will provide for your meditation practice? support for healing? or other purpose? Next think about the color, energy, and materials as explained in this article and how that may relate to your planned usage of the mala. 

Color & Connection

When selecting a mala you may consider how the stones or beads appeal to you, how does the color or pattern make you feel? Color carries meaning for each of us and emotions have been associated with colors, such as red for passion or blue for tranquility. Meditation with various colors is a visualization technique that helps to reflect upon your set intentions. Visiting any of the pages below will provide more details about the specific color.












Energy & Intentions

When thinking of what type of mala you would like you may want to consider what are your intention in using the mala, will you be using this to reduce anxiety? are you looking to better your career? do you need grounding, balance, harmony? etc. There are many different types of gemstones that are recommended, some of the most requested energies are comprised within the pages below.







Gemstone & Wood Properties

Do you prefer a mala that is lightweight and airy like wood, or would you prefer to have a more solid feel like a stone that has developed for hundreds of years beneath the surface of the earth? Since antiquity, crystals of all kinds have served as protective amulets and a source of power.

Gemstones and crystals each have their own unique energy signature. When selecting a mala you may look for gemstones that attune to your own personal energy or stones that raise your energetic resonance in the area of life that you desire to work on, such as finding peace, love, success, courage, etc.


Agates are among the oldest good luck and healing stones being described as early as 300 B.C. by Greek philosopher Theophrastus and it was used to make the famous ancient Egyptian scarabs. Agates are grounding stones bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy. Agate is useful for emotional trauma, it creates a sense of safety and security dissolving inner tension. There are many different types of agate crystals ranging in colors from clear to milky white, gray, blue, green, pink, purple, brown, and banded with stripes.

 is often used in fortune telling techniques, it has been known for stimulating powers of clairvoyance. Amazonite stimulates the artistic and creative side of thinking and promotes tolerance and patience. It has a calming effect, corrects mood swings and helps the wearer come to terms with grief. It promotes confidence, vitality and joy of life.


Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate. When you meditate, it turns thoughts away from the mundane into tranquility and deeper understanding. Mentally, it helps you feel less scattered, more focused and in control of your faculties. Amethyst balances out highs and lows, promoting emotional centering. It dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. Alleviating sadness and grief, it supports coming to terms with loss. 


Aventurine is known for its positive energies, prosperity, reinforcing leadership qualities and decisiveness. It is said to promote compassion, empathy, and encourage perseverance. Stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception, and enhances creativity. Makes aware alternatives and possibilities, especially those presented by other people. A comforter and heart healer, and general harmonizes, protecting the heart. Aventurine is an all-round healer, bringing in well-being and emotional calm. –Blue Aventurine is a powerful mental healer. There are many different varieties of aventurine, including blue, green, pink, and red. 


Bayong comes from the Bayong Tree a hardwood native to the Philippines. Bayong is a rustic red/brown color. 


Carnelian is a high energy, stabilizing stone excellent for restoring vitality, motivation, and inspiring creativity. Carnelian grounds and anchors you in the present reality. Promotes courage, positive life choices, dispels apathy, and motivates for success in business and other matters. 


Dolomite has a harmonizing effect and protects from low self-esteem. Spectacular formations of this stone can be found in the Dolomite Alps of northern Italy. Dolomite is naturally white, the stone has a similar texture to Jade and is often referred to as Mountain “Jade” and is often dyed a variety of colors. 


Ebony is a dense black wood from the Diospyros tree. It has a fine texture, and very smooth finish when polished. 


Fluorite was according to folklore, the home of rainbows. Having the ability to awaken suppressed feelings and combat narrow mindedness. It symbolizes responsibility and obedience. Fluorite gradually removes pain when placed directly on the affected area. Particularly helpful for ailments such as energy blockages, respiratory problems, skin diseases and arthritis. It can also be used to ease joint problems and stiffness. The translucent gemstone is known for its exciting range and blend of purple, violet, clear and green.


Hematite was used by the Ancient Egyptians to staunch blood and promote the formation of blood cells. Psychologically, hematite encourages spontaneity and zest for life.


Howlite is a calming stone, supportive in opening atonement and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and insight it is known to be helpful for meditation and sleep. Allows for a calm and reasoned communication to occur. Strengthens memory and stimulates desire for knowledge.


Jade is considered by the Chinese to be the most precious gem as it held five great virtues – wisdom, justice, modesty, courage, and purity – plus five happiness’s – wealth, old age, health, natural death, and love of virtue. This stone signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility; it aids meditation and stress release. A symbol of purity and serenity. It is believed to attract good luck and friendship. Protective stone that brings harmony. Stabilizes the personality and integrates the mind with the body. Releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind.


Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It sustains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper reminds people to help each other. Jasper imparts determination to all pursuits. It brings the courage to get to grips with problems assertively, and encourages honesty with yourself. Jasper is available in many different varieties. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli was known to the Assyrians as the holy stone, and was adorned by ancient rulers. It supports the enduring qualities of honesty, compassion, and uprightness to the personality. Worn for its protective properties Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace and serenity. It is known for stimulating the higher intelligence of the mind, bringing objectivity and clarity. Stories and reports surrounding Lapis Lazuli date back to 5000 B.C. The word is a compound of the Arabic azul, meaning “blue sky” and the Latin word lapis, meaning “stone”. 


Magnesite brings a deep peace to meditation and relaxation. Promoting tolerance for emotional stress and guiding a calming effect to the emotions. Magnesite supports those who are nervous and fearful and helps them to overcome irritability and intolerance. Turquoise Magnesite is a combination of blue, cream, tan, and brown colors.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian resonates with the earth, it grounds and protects, gives strength in times of need, vitalizes purpose, eliminates energy blockages, and stimulates growth on all levels.


Nangka wood is from the Jackfruit tree, native to Southeast Asia. The heartwood is used by Buddhist monastics in Southeast Asia as a dye, giving the robes of the monks in those traditions their distinctive golden-brown color.


Obsidian is a protective stone that repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. Brings clarity to mind and clears confusion and narrow beliefs. A strong protective stone, forming a shield against negativity, grounding and absorbing negative energies from the environment. Obsidian is molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallize. 


Onyx is supportive of strength, it provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and during times of enormous mental or physical stress. Promotes vigor, steadfastness, and stamina. I aids in learning lessons, imparting self-confidence and helping you to be at ease in your surroundings. 

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper brings comfort and eases fear. Connected to the earth and encourages ecological awareness, bringing stability and balance. This stone instills a sense of magnitude and harmony. This stone has a beautiful brown, cream, tan, and black mixture of colors, each bead has a unique pattern.


Quartz Crystal aids in concentration and liberates thought. Quartz Crystal absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. Used in meditation, Quartz filters out distractions. 

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a gentle stimulating stone. It grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations. Red Jasper brings problems to light before they become too big and provides insights into the most difficult situations. It makes an excellent “worry bead” calming emotions when held. 


Redwood symbolizes balance, it is found all over the world, it has many different types of species, and originates from the cypress family. The Redwood beads used in our malas are not from the endangered species of redwood that we often think of in the NW of America. 


Rhodonite is a pink stone flecked with black veining, Rhodonite stimulates, clears, and activates the hear chakra. It grounds energy, balancing yin and yang, aiding in achieving one’s highest potential. It is said to enhance mantra-based meditations, aligning the soul more closely to the vibration. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the gemstone of unconditional love and peace, it is a calming and reassuring crystal. Teaching the true essence of love it purifies and opens the heart at all levels bringing deep inner healing and self-love. Rose Quartz gently draws off negative energy and restores it with loving vibes.


Rosewood refers to any of a number of richly hued timbers, often a light natural color, but found in many different hues. Rosewood is supportive in spiritual healing; it emanates compassionate and loving qualities. 


Serpentine is an earthen stone that aids meditation and spiritual exploration. Supportive in correcting mental and emotional imbalances and assists the conscious direction of healing energy toward problem areas. Serpentine is a beautiful stone with a similar texture and appearance of Jade without the high-price tag.


Sodalite encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth, and intuitive perception, together with the verbalization of feelings. Sodalite stimulates the release of old mental conditioning and rigid mind-sets, creating space for new insights.

Tigers Eye

Tiger's Eye combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded, drawing the spiritual energies to the earth. Heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism, and clocked creativity. It aids in recognizing one’s talents and abilities and, conversely, faults that need to be overcome. It supports an addictive personality in making changes. Emotionally, tiger’s eye balances yin-yang and energizes the emotional body. It alleviates depression and lifts moods.

Tiger Ebony

Tiger Ebony is a dark brown and black color wood that is from South East Asia with a unique grain pattern.

Tree Agate

Tree Agate encourages a positive sense of self and unshakable self-esteem and supports protection against negativity in yourself and others. Instills a feeling of safety in the most challenging situations. Tree Agate bestows perseverance and strength, it helps in facing difficult circumstances with confidence in identifying the gift or lesson behind them. 


Unakite named after the Unaka Mountains of North Carolina where it originates, is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down, this is the gemstone to help you see the beauty in life. Unakite is a stone of visions, it balances emotions with spirituality.