Ajna 6th (Third Eye)

Long before brain imaging, ancient cultures knew this Third Eye existed, and they also realized that it receives information from sources outside of the five senses.

Extra sensory perception, intuition or psychic energy, all comes from the third eye.

There is actually a small pine cone shaped gland in your brain that takes in light. This gland, the pineal gland, is responsible for helping you feel awake in the daytime and sleepy at night.

How to balance your 6th chakra

If you find yourself consumed with psychic information, take some time to remind yourself that you are a creature of the Earth.

Go to the beach and feel the sand on your toes. Dig your in the dirt in your garden. Connect your body to Earth and repeat:

“I am a human being. I am a human doing.”

When this chakra is underactive

Most people have an underactive 6th chakra.

We live in a world that often invalidates intuitive development.

Because of this, we close off our Third Eyes and ignore our own psychic experiences. Doing so can cause us to feel disconnected from spiritual experiences. Physically, you may feel headaches or have problems with allergies and your sinuses.

How to energize your 6th chakra

Energizing your third eye will take some practice. You’ll need to devote some time to quiet, solitary meditation. At first, get used to the feeling of focusing on signals outside of your physical body.

Listen to your spirit and recognize how that feels. As you practice this, you’ll find it easier and easier to connect with the energy from your Third Eye.

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